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^return of this fluid to the heart is partly promoted. As a proof of 
Tthis, the vena cava may be plainly feen to contrail alternately in 
dying animals whofe thorax is laid open * ; though it is probable 
that the motions of this vein near the heart are more remarkable 
rthan elfewhere, on account of fome kind of alternate depletion which 
it fufFers, and of its coats being fbmewhai more mufcular here than 
«elfèwhere. And does not the vena cava continue to palpitate longer 
than the heart in dying animals, becaufe, after the circulation 
«through this organ has ceafed, the blood is dill tranfmittëd in fmall 
-.quantity from the arteries into the nafcent veins, and confequently 
into the cava ; which being therefore longer fupplied with the caufe 
.exciting its motions, mufl continue them longer? 
He n ce we fee that the fluids are in fome fenfe the caufe of their 
«own motion ; fince, without their flretching power and flimula- 
;ting quality, the heart and arteries, however well fitted for mufcu¬ 
lar contraction, would remain unactive and at reft : and that as 
the contraCtile power of the folids is neceflary to carry on the vi¬ 
tal functions, fo like wife is the aCtion of the fluids upon the folids, 
in order to excite their mufcular power into aCtion. Hence alfo 
we may eafily underftand how it is that heat has fo great an in¬ 
fluence in promoting the circulation of the fluids, that infeCts and 
many other animals, after they are to all appearance dead, may be 
foon brought to life by it. Heat not only renders the heart and 
vafcular fyflem more fenfible, but, by railing an intefline motion 
and brifk vibrations in the particles of the fluids, mufl neceflarily 
communicate fome degree of irritation to the folids , and thus 
bring them into alternate contractions. 
4. The erection of the penis has been generally afcribed to the 
contraction of the mufcles called ereBores ; yet as their fituation is 
fuch, that the veins of the penis can fcarcely be affected by their ac¬ 
tion, and as an erection cannot be procured at pleafure, by flrong- 
!y prefling it againfl the os pubis, feveral of the later authors feem 
juflly to have rejected this opinion, but, as far as I know, with¬ 
out fubflituting any thing fatisfaClory in its place. 
Seih xiv. No, 16, below.


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