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" 3 
feems not to have been known, or at lead not fufficiently attend¬ 
ed to, and which perhaps may afford fome ufeful hints in pradice. 
No. 14. and 15. 
(1) Since warm water, applied to the nerves, has a fuperior 
anodyne affed, not only to fubdances that are warm and dry, but 
even to warm fleams or vapour; it is eafy to fee, how"clyfiers of 
warm water may give relief in pains of the bowels and other ab- 
dominai vifcera, altho’ they do not communicate more heat to the 
great guts than they poffeffed before. 
(Æ) Lastly, the effeds of the warm water in this cafe appear 
the more remarkable, as a pill confiding of half a grain of opium, 
and three grains of afafœtida, given every evening and morning, 
for feveral days, had not the lead effed in either preventing or 
leffening the cough. ... 
Between the 20th of January and the 25th of March, a variety 
of remedies were prefcribed for this patient, without any advantage, 
mz. vomits, bliders, and an iffue between the fhoulders, the bark, 
powder of tin, rhubarb with calomel, pills of opium with afa fietida, 
bolufes of theriaca with camphire and valerian. 
Towards the end of March, I put her on a courfe of pills made 
of the extrad of hemlock, which fhe continued for two months. 
About the middle of May die began to have lefs pain in her bread, 
and lefs fenfe of fuffocation and coughing, when fhe fat up out of 
bed, or walked through the room. Upon the 22d of May, thefie 
complaints left her altogether; and on the 28th of that month, 
the cough was neither raided by danding nor walking, nor when 
her head was laid lower than her body : Alfo cold water applied to 
her hands had now no effect in exciting the cough or pain in her 
bread. On the 30th of May, after walking a little abroad, the 
cough returned for a day or two. Upon the 3d of June, after ha¬ 
ving made a journey of about ten Englifh miles in a chaife, the 
cough attacked her with as great violence as ever. Being now ful¬ 
ly convinced, that this ailment was not owing to any fixt obdruc- 
tion in the lungs, but to an uncommon delicacy or fenfibility in 
their nerves, I ordered for her pills of extrad of gentian and lima- 
4 H 2 tura


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