Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

£g8 of the most remarkable 
21. When fhe lay with her legs hanging over the bed-fide,. 
(N° I.), £he began to cough as foon as the foies of her feet touch-- 
ed fome cold water. 
22.. The putting her hands m cold water, when fhe lay in bed,., 
not only excited the cough, but raifed her pulfe. from about 9p ta, 
above 180 ftrokes in a minute. 
These experiments were often repeated between the 3d of Fe¬ 
bruary and the 8th of March ; but fome time after this, I found: 
the following difference with, refpeâ; to fome of the above mention- 
çd fymptoms. 
23. On the iff and 4th of April, when fhe lay acrofs the bed! 
with her head fupported by; a pillow, and her legs hanging over, 
(N° I.), fhe was immediately attacked with the cough,, and her 
pulfe became fo fmall and-quick, that I,could not exadlly count it;.; 
but I was; fure it: did not beat lefs than 18 or 20 times in. five fe« 
conds (N°- 9.)., Upon railing* her legs, fo as, to bring them to a; 
horizontal podure,. the cougd immediately ceafed, and her pulfe in 
a minute after beat only ten times in five féconds«. As foon as her’ 
legs were allowed, to hang down again, , the cough returned .with its, 
ufual. violence« 
24. On the 5th April, By putting one of her hands into cold wa¬ 
ter when arbed, fhe was feized with the cough, and her pulfe be¬ 
came very finally and: beat: at lead20 times in %e féconds (N° 22.)0. 
Of late, fhe felt more uneafinefs and pain in her bread, with a 
greater fenfe of fuffocation, when £he was feized with the cough, 
either upon a change of pofiure, or putting her hands into cold 
water. And her pulfe, which ufed to be about 90 when fhe lay in: 
bed, was now at 96 in a minute : but her fkin:continued cool, fhej 
had no third, and her appetite was good. 
It will be proper to add, that fhe has expedoration from 1 
the beginning. 
From the above fa (fis it appears,. 
{a) Th a t an erect poflure does not excite the cough, unîéfs ei¬ 
ther the legs or thighs be much bent, or in a depending or perpen¬ 
dicular fituation. ' SeeN° 1« 2..3. 4. and 5. above. 
- 4 (b) THATr


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