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er than the body naturally is, or than was neceiTary to prevent 
coughing upon putting the foot into the warm water. 
14. When one of her legs was taken out of the water (warmed 
to about 96 degrees) and wrapt in a dry or wet piece of flannel, 
whofe heat was at lead 114 degrees, {he coughed as ufual ; but was 
relieved as foon as her foot was again put into the warm water. 
iy. When her feet were covered with dry fand, heated to above 
no degrees, fhe coughed with the fame violence Aie ufed to do on 
the floor. Nor was the cough, either when {he fat or flood, pre¬ 
vented by the flannel wrung out of hot Water, and applied round 
her feet and legs ; altho’ an equal or a greater degree of heat 
was by this means communicated to thefe parts than by the pe* 
diluvium. • 
id. When her hands were dipt in warm water, fhe continued 
as free from the cough as when her feet were bathed. But a 
■bottle filled with hot water and held between her hands had no 
fuch efledl. ' 
17. When one of her feet was taken out of tjie bath, altho’ the 
hand of that or the other fide was put into water of an equal or a 
greater heat, ihe coughed without intermiflion ; but as foon as both 
hands wrere dipt in the warm water, fhe coughed no more. 
18. I made her breathe over the fleam of hot water, when one 
of her feet was taken out of the pediluvium ; but this did not pre¬ 
vent the cough. 
19. When {he lay with her head as low or lower than her bo¬ 
dy, (N° 6. and 7.), warm waten then applied to her hands or feet 
had no effedl in preventing or leffening the cough ; but in every o- 
ther pofture it kept her quite eafy. 
20. Te one or both hands were dipt in cold water, {he was pre- 
fently feized with the cough, and with the pain in her bread, whe¬ 
ther {he lay in bed or fat with her feet in warm water. The fame 
thing happened when her palms were applied to a quart bottle of 
cold water ; with this difference, that the cold water inflantly rai- 
fed her cough ; whereas the cold bottle took two or three fé¬ 
conds before it could produce that efledl. The cough was alfo 
raifed by applying a bottle full of cold water to her fiomach. 
21. When


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