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NER TO U S S Y M P T O M S. 599- 
mate it the foundation of our reafoning on the nature or cure of 
difeafes. But this kind of atrophy, tho- not, perhaps, owing to- 
any fault in the fpirits, or even in the brain or nervous fydem im 
general, may yet deferve the name of nervous, as it feems frequent¬ 
ly to proceed from an unnatural or morbid date of the nerves of 
the domach and intedines. 
The induence of the domach in the animal œconomy, is greater" 
than is perhaps generally imagined: It not only contributes to the' 
digedion of the aliment, but the whole fydem is either invigorated,, 
or affeéled with a languor, according to the different difpofition of 
its nerves. By proper food the nerves of the domach are grateful¬ 
ly dimulated, and the whole body is thence enlivened and drength— 
ened ; fo that, befides its ufe for nutrition, food in the domach be-* 
comes, on account of itsßimulus, altogether neceffary, in fome de* 
licate nervous people, for keeping up the drength of the body and: 
the due exercife of all its functions : And hence it is, that fuch per¬ 
lons become often faintidi as foon as the greated part of the food* 
has paffed into the intedines ; that drong: broths, tho* they may 
afford as mucin or more nouridiment than fome kinds of folidf 
meat, yet do not fatisfy the domach, at lead, for any confiderable 
time, or enable us to endure much labour ; and that, according to 
the different difpofition of the nerves of the domach, different alt 
ments are mod grateful to It, and mod invigorating to the body; 
We know, that an unnatural date of the nerves of the domach 
may either produce a craving or an averfion to food ;• that low 
fpirits and melancholy often proceed from : that caufe ; nor is it to. 
be doubted, that when the nerves of the domach are, from certain- 
caufes, affected in a manner fomewhat diderent, an indifference for, 
food, a weak digedion, a knguor, and coldnefs, a.flow, pulfe and- 
wading, may be the confequences 
*■ Long continued grief, and other pafîïons, too great appUcation of mind, a gouty hu- 
rnonr, or the morbid matter of fome difeafe imperfedly cured, remaining in the-body, and 
thrown upon the domach, as well as other caufes, may bring on fuch a hate of the. nerves = 
thät organ, elpeeially in thofe whofe nervous fyftem and alimentary canal are naturally- 


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