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fpleen ; yet, in many hypochondriac patients, there is no fuch hu¬ 
mour ; and where it is obferved, it is only a fymptom or confe¬ 
rence of that difeafe, but not its original caufe. 
Patients who have been long afflidled with violent pains andl 
cramps, or other diforders in their ftomach, often throw up jfome dark 
coloured ftufl,which is commonly nothing but blood that has loft its 
colour ; for altho’, when blood is poured into the cavity of the fto— 
machin a Targe quantity, it is foon vomited either in its fluidi 
fta.te, or coaguiated j yet, when it ouzes flowly from the imaller' 
veflels, it lofes its red colour by lying long, and when thrown up, 
refembles the grounds of coffee. This kind of black vomiting is .ge¬ 
nerally owing to one; or more of the following caufes, viz. 
1, Violent pain or cramps in the ftomach ; the fir ft of which, 
may greatly increafe the, motion of the fluids in the fmall veflels,. 
and the laft may fqueeze the globules of blood thro’ the orifices of 
the fmall arteries, defigned for conveying, the gaftric lymph only 
into the cavity of the ftomach. 
2. Scirehous^ tumours in the ftomach beginning to ulcerate, or; 
a rupture of fome of the fmall,veflels leading , to them 
' • a- A\ 
' 4 
* Further, Jcirrhous tumours in the ftomaeh, by obftru<5lmg, in a great meafure, the courie; 
of ine blood through the indurated part, may occafion a more copious influx of this fluid in¬ 
to the neighbouring veflels ; whence- the.-orifices of fome of the exhaling arteries in the viiious 
coat of the ftomach may be-fd dilated, as to allow globules of red blood to efcape with the 
thinner humours. This fuppofltion is rendered,,at-leaft, not improbabîé by the following 
inftance of bloody, urine,- oocaGoned by.the-womb prefflng upon the neighbouring parts in 
time of pregnancy. 
A-gentlewoman, aged 19; began, in the fourth month of her fir ft pregnancy* to make bloody- 
urine, whicn continued till within fifteen days of the time of her delivery This confiant dif- 
charge*, though weakening,- yet was not attended with a quick pulfe, nor any pain in the. 
bacx or belly. After being delivered,. fhe recovered and enjoyed perfe<5l health, until about 
three or four.months after fhe had conceived again, when-the bloody urine returned and con¬ 
tinued, as formerly, till a fortnight before fhe was brought to bed; In her third pregnancy, , 
fhe was afferiedrin the, fame manner, only fhe was much troubled with coftivene^Sj which in-- 
cieafed the other diforder ; and after this delivery, before fhe became again with child, ftie; 
hau fometimes returns of the bloody urine. During her fpurth pregnancy, which happened 
in the 25th year of her age, the fame fymptom returned, but her lofs of blood was now 
greater, apd more confiant..than ever y. fo that flie complained of great weaknefs, of a giddi«- 


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