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chia, and haemorrhoids, or any other great haemorrhage, will often 
occafion violent fymptoms of this kind. 
Hippocrates has obferved, that convulfions may arife from 
innanition, as well as repletion: And,as the flrength and firmnefs of 
the whole body depend upon proper fluids, and a due quantity of 
them, may not very irregular and flrange diforders happen from a 
want of blood, or from a too watery ftate of it, efpecially in thofe 
whofe nervous fyftem is very delicate and eaflly affefled ? For, 
when there does not remain in the veflels a quantity of blood fufE- 
cient for carrying on the feveral functions in a proper manner, the 
regular circulation of all the fluids mull be difturbed, and the di- 
ftribution or exertion of the nervous moving power will become ir¬ 
But, in whatever way great lofs of blood may give rife to nervous 
difeafes, we are fo certain of the fafl from experience, that perhaps 
the following cafes in proof of it may be thought ftlperfluous. 
i. A young gentleman of 17 years of age, complaining of a pain 
in his right fide after a fall from his horfe, was blooded very large¬ 
ly. Some days after, he felt a coldnefs in his ftomach, which was 
foon fucceeded by fits of violent pain and fpafms in that part, 
fometimes lading twenty minutes, or half an hour, at a time. 
Thefe fymptoms returned after no regular intervals, but generally 
twice, or oftener, in 24 hours ; and gradually increafed to fuch a 
height, that the patient was obliged to be held down in bed by two 
or three people, in order to prevent his tearing his hair, and doing 
himfelf other mifchief. The pain and cramps were always prece¬ 
ded with a fenfation of coldnefs in the flomach, and frequently went 
oft in an inflant. Ginger with hot brandy felt cold in the flomach 
at the acceflion of the fit. After the patient had differed in this 
manner for three weeks, the diforder gradually abated ; and, by 
ufing a few ftomachic medicines, a proper diet, and exercife,he per¬ 
fectly recovered. 
On another occafion, after lofing a good deal of blood, he was 
attacked with the fame fymptoms, but in a much lefs violent de¬ 


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