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«*. v 
I N V O L U N T A -R Y M O T I O N‘ S. 4 y 
larynx and os hyoïdes, and fo pufli the food into the dilated -pharynx, 
is generally fpontaneous, and owing to- the irritation of the fen- 
fible membrane of the fauces, by the food paffing that way. In like 
manner, no fooner is the aliment received into the pharynx, than 
this mufcular tube contrats, and, embracing it clofely, pufhes it 
on to the cfophagus, whofe nerves being irritated, and its fibres* 
ftretched by the food in its defcent, each fmall portion of it con¬ 
trails it felf, and fo tranfmits the aliment to the next, till at fail it 
is pufhed into the flomach. 
Thk aliments which are* generally compofed of parts fit to acb 
as a gentle ßimulus on the fenfible parts of animals* are no fooner 
received into the flomach* than by its heat and motion, as well as- 
the ailion of humours flowing into it, they begin to fwell, and con¬ 
tinue, during the whole time of their diffolution, to emit bubbles 
of elaflic air : At the fame time the cool air fwallowed, every now 
and then, with, the faliva, is quickly ratified by the heat of the 
Here then, we fees 111 die aliments, air, and humours,, eaufes 
which may gently flimulate the nerves of the flomach, and flretch 
its fibres fo as to excite them into contraction : and this agrees with 
Wepferus’s obfervations, which fhew that the contraction of the flo¬ 
mach never happens but in confequence of its preceding intume- 
fcence. “ Motum ventriculi,,? fays this author, “ oculis obfervare * 
u licet in vivarum befliarum anatome, et non femel vidi ilium con- - 
" flringi lentè verfus flomachum, fubfequente vomitu, aut verfus 
6( pylorum contentis in duodenum explofis ; nonnunquam gracilior ’ 
“ et brevior reddebatur ; mox iterum intumult, fubfequente rurfus no- 
va coarélatione, quæ vel verfus pylorum vel flomachum progre-- 
“ diebatur And, in another place, “ Quando vero • circa medium*: 
“ fe contraxerat (feil, ventriculus) motus lentè verfus pylorum pro- 
“ cedebat, illeque erigebatur liquorque fubpallidus, nunc fpumeus 
u nunc vifeidus, quandoque fenfim aliquando cum impetu protrude- 
u batur : conftriClo pyloro, rurfus intumuit totus ventriculus, moxque 
6( rurfus circa medium fe conflrinxerat, novufque liquor per pylo-~ 
‘ ‘ ram 
# Hiltor. cicut. aquat. p.


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