Volltext: The Works of Robert Whytt

€ HAP. HI. 
• • * 't , * V - - *'* 
Of the Predifpofing Causes of Nervous, HypocHondri AÇjancL 
Hysteric Disorders* 
t If ESE may be reduced to two, viz. . 
I. A too great delicacy and fenfibility of the whole nervous fy- 
II. An uncommon weaknefs, or a depraved or unnatural feel¬ 
ing, in fome of the organs of the body. _ 
i. A too great delicacy and fenfibility of the whole nervous fy- 
Hem may be either natural, that is, an original defedl in the con- 
ilitution, or produced by fuch difeafes, or irregularity in living, as 
weaken the whole body, efpecially the nerves. Long or repeated 
fevers, profufe haemorrhages, great fatigue, exceflive or long conti¬ 
nued grief, luxurious living, and want of exercife, may increafe or 
even bring on fuch a delicate Hate of the nervous fyftem. 
As the whole animal frame is contrived with the greateft wifdom, 
fo we cannot but admire, in particular, how the nerves, though all 
are endued with the general fenfe of feeling, have yet in different 
organs certain fenfations quite different from each other, and are 
perfectly well adapted to thofe things which are defigned by na¬ 
ture to be applied to them. Thus, for example, as pure air gives no 
uneafinefs to the nerves of the wind-pipe, and is refrefhing to thofe 
of the lungs ; fo to a craving flomach wholefome food is highly 
grateful : But air collected in the flomach feldom fails to produce 
a diijagreeable fenfation, and not only folid food, but even the mild- 
efl liquids, falling by accident into the wind-pipe, bring on violent 
fits of coughing, which do not ceafe till the offending caufe is re- 
Y y y moved*


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