Volltext: The Works of Robert Whytt

in the womb ; bat, with regard to the parts affedied in the hypo- 
chondriac, the opinions have been various and contradictory. 
Many authors have afcribed this diforder in men to obstruc¬ 
tions in the fpleen, liver, and mefentery : Highmore, to a vitiated 
constitution of the Stomach * **. Willis, to an indifpofition of the 
brain and nerves, or to a fault of the fpirits. Etmuller, who con¬ 
founds the hypochondriac difeafe, when in a higher degree, with 
the fcurvy, has written a differtation to prove that its feat is not 
in the fpleen, but in the inteStines, efpecially in that part of the 
colon which lies in the left hypochondre, in which the excrements 
often Stagnate, and where much wind is pent up f Syden¬ 
ham afcribes the fame distemper to an ataxy or confuiion of the 
fpirits J : Mandeville, to a difordered chylification, and a deficien¬ 
cy or paucity of the Spirits || : Junckerus makes the canfa proximo, 
of the hypochondriac affedtion to confift in an obStrudted motion 
of the blood in the vena, portarum and evifiera connedled with it :: 
Boerhaave derives it from an atrabiliary humour lodging in xhe pan* 
créas, fpleen, Stomach, and neighbouring organs ff : Hoffman, front 
a perverted peristaltic motion of the Stomach and inteStines f 
And laftly, Dr Cheyne is of opinion, that all great nervous disor¬ 
ders proceed from fome glandular obflrudtion in the Stomach, 
bowels, liver, fpleen, mefentery, or other organs of the lower 
But altho’ it is not to be doubted, that the hypochondriac and! 
hyfteric affedtions often proceed from a morbid Slate of the ali¬ 
mentary canal, uterus, or other *uifcera of the abdomen ; yet as there 
are Several of their Symptoms which Seem independent of any disor¬ 
der in thole parts, and as there has often no trace of thofe difeafes 
appeared after death in any of the abdominal organs, it feems 
* Exercitationes de paßione hyßer. et aiFeâion. hypochondr. 
f Oper. p. 1820. 
£ Epift. ad D. Coîe. 
jj A treatife o£ the hypochondriac and hyfteric pafîions, dialogues 1, and 2* 
** Junckeri Confped. medicinæ, p. 186. 
•ff Aphorifm. de cognofcend, morb. § 1098» 
Syftem. med. tom. 3, part 3 c. 5. 
Il Englilh malady, part 2, chap. %.


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