Volltext: The Works of Robert Whytt

fpeaking, different. Nor does it appear more reafonable to pro¬ 
nounce the hyfleric diforder of a different kind from the hypochon¬ 
driac ; becaufe the former may have its feat frequently in the ute¬ 
rus, and the .latter in the alimentary canal, than it would be to 
diflinguifh the hypochondriac complaints into as many different 
difeafes as the caufes from which they may arife ; or to divide hy¬ 
fleric fits, as they are called, in women, into nervous, flomachic, 
and hyfleric, becaufe they often proceed from violent affe<5lions of 
the mind, or a difbrdered flate of the flomach, as well as from a 
fault in the uterus. 
But further, it is to be obferved, that in women the fymptoms 
commonly called hyfleric, are lefs frequently owing to the unfound 
flate of the womb than to faults fomewhere elfe in the body ; for 
virgins are often free from fuch complaints, while married wo¬ 
men, and even thofe who bear children with eafy labours, are fome- 
times afflidledwith them. Add to this, that women who are regular, 
and have no ailment about the uterus, do not always efcape the hy¬ 
fleric difeafe; while thofe who labour under fchirrous tumours, and 
other diforders of that part, are often not affedled, at leafl, with 
its worfl fymptoms. Laflly, in thofe who have long and greatly 
fuffered by this malady, the womb, after death, has frequently 
been obferved to be found. 
Upon the whole, therefore, the fymptoms of the hyfleric difeafe 
in women, feem only to differ from thofe of the hypochondriac in 
men, in fo far as the former fometimes proceed from the uterus, 
and are, on account of the more delicate frame of the fex, more 
frequent and often more violent than the fymptoms of the hypo¬ 
chondriac affedlion in men. 
But whether thefe two diflempers be confidered as the fame or 
diflindl, fince the fymptoms of both are fo much a-kin, we fhall 
confider them under the general character of Nervous* and be- 
. gin with inquiring into the caufes from which they mofl common¬ 
ly proceed. 
Th e antient phyficians, with feveral of the moderns, have agreed 
in placing the foie, or at leaft the chief feat oi the hyfleric difeafe 


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