Volltext: The Works of Robert Whytt

of cold in its back part, frequent fighings, palpitations, inquie¬ 
tude, fits of falivation, or pale urine, &c. 
3. Such as, from a lefs delicate feeling or mobility of their 
nervous fiyftem in general, are fearce ever affe&ed with violent pal¬ 
pitations, faintings, or convulfive motions, from fear, grief, fur- 
prife, or other paflions ; but, on account of a difordered date of 
the nerves of the fiomach and bowels, are feldom free from com¬ 
plaints of indigeftion, belching, flatulence, want of appetite, or too 
great craving, coftivenefs, or loofenefs, fiufhings, giddinefs, op- 
preffion or faintnefs about the prœcordia, low lpirits, difagreeable 
thoughts, watching or difturbed fleep, &c. 
The complaints of the firft of the above claffes may be called 
[imply nervous ; thofe of the fécond, in compliance with cuftptn, 
may be faid to be hyßeric, and thofe of the third, hypochondriac. 
The hypochondriac and hyfteric difeafes are generally cpnfider- 
ed by phyficians as the fame ; only in women, fueh diforders have 
got the name of byßeric, from the an tient opinion of their feat be¬ 
ing fblely in the womb ; while in men, they were called hypochon¬ 
driac, upon the fuppoiition, that in them they proceeded from fome 
fault in thofe vifcera which lie under the cartilages of the ribs. 
The learned Hoffman, difïènting from moft of the later writers, 
affirms, that the hypochondriac and hyfteric are different difeafes, 
whether we regard their fymptoms, caufes, or termination * : But 
we cannot agree to this opinion, as their fymptoms are of fo fimi- 
lar a nature, and as the hypochondriac difeafe is not more unlike 
the hyfteric, than this lafl is often unlike to itfelf. It is true, that 
in women, hyfteric fymptoms occur mare frequently, and are often 
much more fudden and violent, than the hypochondriac in men ; 
but this circumftance, which is only a cpnfe.quence of the more de¬ 
licate frame, fedentary hfe, and particular condition of the womb 
in women, by no means fhews the two difeafes to be, ftridly 
f Syftera. raed, tom. 3. p. 4. cap. 5. 5. ét é» ^ ^


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