Volltext: The Works of Robert Whytt

great timidity; ftrong pulfations within the belly ; fpafms in the 
bowels, and diftenfions of certain portions of them ; violent cholic 
pains ; a rumbling noife from wind palling through the inteftines ; 
the body fometimes too lax, oftener bound ; pains in the back and 
belly, refembling thofe of the nephritic kind ; a fenfe of irritation 
and heat in the neck of the bladder and urethra, with a frequent 
defire to make water ; a great difcharge of limpid urine ; at other 
times a frequent fpitting. 
Sudden fiulhings of heat over the whole body, fhiverings, a 
fenfe of cold in certain parts, as if water was poured on them, 
at other times an unufual glow ; flying pains in the arms and 
limbs ; a troublefome pain in the back, and between the fhoulders ; 
pains attended with a hot fenfation, fhifting often from the fides 
or back to the interior parts of the abdomen ; cramps, or convulfive 
motions of the mufcles, or of a few of their fibres ; fudden Hart¬ 
ings of the legs and arms ; almolt confiant involuntary motions of 
the mufcles of the neck and head, or arms and legs ; a general oon- 
vulfion affedling, at once, the ftomach, bowels, throat, legs, arms, 
and indeed almofi the whole members of the body, in which the 
patient ftruggles as in a violent epileptic fit ; long faintings, in 
fome cafes, following one another, after fhort intervals. 
Pal pi tat ion s, or trembling of the heart ; the pulfe very va* 
riable, frequently natural, fometimes uncommonly flow, and at o- 
ther times quick, oftener fmall than full, and, on certain occafions, 
irregular or intermitting ; a dry cough, with difficulty of breath¬ 
ing, or a confirielion of the lungs, fometimes returning periodi¬ 
cally ; yawning, the hiccup, frequent fighings, and a fenfe of fuf- 
location, as if from a ball or lump in the throat ; fits of crying, 
and convulfive laughing. Although in the day-time the patients 
are generally pretty cool, and the pulfe fometimes flower than nar 
tural, yet in the night, efpecially in time of fleep, hot fiulhings of¬ 
ten fpread over almofi the whole body, the pulfe becomes quicker 
and ftronger, and a faintnefs, or fome degree of ficknefs at the 
ftomach is felt. 
A giddinefs, efpecially after rifing up haftily ; pains in the head, 
X x x 2 fometimes 


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