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felf chiefly to thofe complaints which proceed, in a great meafure, 
from a weak or unnatural conflitution of the nerves ; and of this 
kind, I prefume, are moll of thofe fymptoms which phyficians have 
commonly diftinguifhed by the names of flatulent, Jpafmodic, hypo¬ 
chondriac, or hyfleric. 
' As the fagacious Sydenham has juflly obferved, that the fliapes 
of proteus, or the colours of the chamæleon, are not more nume¬ 
rous and inconftant, than the variations of the hypochondriac and 
hyfleric difeafe * 5 fo thofe morbid fymptoms which have been 
commonly called nervous, are fo many, fo various, and fo irregu¬ 
lar, that it would be extremely hard, either rightly to defcribe, or 
fully to enumerate them. They imitate the fymptoms of almofl 
all other difeafes > and, indeed, there are few chronic diftempers, 
with which they are not more or lefs blended or intermixed* Hence 
it is, that the late celebrated Dr Mead fays of the hypochondriac 
affeclion, Non unam federn habet, fed morbus totius corporis efl j\ I 
fhall not, therefore, undertake to give a full or exacl defcription 
of thefe diforders, nor pretend to exhibit a compleat lift of all 
the morbid fymptoms which have been commonly reckoned of the 
nervous, hypochondriac, or hyfleric kind ; but fhall content myfelf 
with mentioning the following, as being the moil common and re¬ 
Wind in the flomach and inteftines, heart-burning, four belch- 
ings, fqueamiftinefs, and vomiting of a watery fluff, tough phlegm, 
or a black liquor like the grounds of coflee ; want of appetite and 
indigeftion, or an uncommon craving for food and quick digeftion? 
a debility, faintnefs, and fenfe of great .emptinefs about the fto- 
mach, when hungry ; a ftrong defire for rare or uncommon forts- 
of food, or for things that can afford no nourifhment ; a vifible 
fwelling or inflation of the flomach, efpecially after eating ; fome- 
times a fevere pain with cramps in that vifcus ; an oppreflion a- 
bout the précordia ; an uneafy, though not painful fenfation about 
the flomach, attended with low fpirits, anxiety, and fometimes 
* Sydenham, oper. eplft. ad D. Cole, 
I Monita et præcept, med, cap. ij>


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