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As the force of the heart, ând the regularity with which it con¬ 
trails, depend, in a great meafure, on the date of its nerves, fo does 
the action of the arterial fyftem in carrying on the circulation; 
and particularly thofe alternate contrariions with which the mi¬ 
nuter veflels are continually agitated, and to which the motion of 
the fluids in them is, in a great meafure, owing 
The other mufcles of the body are often, by an uncommon exer¬ 
tion of the nervous power, affeiled either with alternate convulfive 
motions, or a continued fpafm. It is reafonable, therefore, to think, 
that the heart and vafcular fyftem may fuffer in the fame manner; 
and that, when the influence of the nerves is much weakened, or 
in fome meafure fulpended, the veflels will be relaxed, the circula¬ 
tion will become languid, and an univerfal debility will enfue. 
The increafed force of the heart, and fometimes indeed of the 
whole mufcles of the body, from great anger or rage, is to be a- 
fcribed to a ftronger exertion of the nervous power ; while the 
trembling and debility produced by fear, arife from a contrary 
The palpitation of the heart from terror feems to proceed from 
the blood returning to it in too great a quantity, in confèquence 
of a fudden fpafm or contraction of the veins. It is alfo in part 
occafioned by the heart being rendered more irritable, or being o- 
therwife diflurbed by the violent agitation of the nervous fyftem. 
The rednefs and glow of the face from a ienfe of fhame, are 
T t t 2 moft 
* Tt lias teen fhewn, from a variety of fads, as well as from analogy, (fee above, 
§». 228. &c,), that the very fmall veiTels, to which the dired force of the heart does 
slot feem to reach, are endowed with a power of motion excited by the fihnulus of the 
fluids, as they pafs along ; and that thefe vibratory or ofcillatory motions of thofe 
veiTels are much increafed, when they are more than ordinarily irritated, or when, through 
ftrong pallions or other caufes, the nerves are greatly affeded. 
The fpeedy inflammation of the eyes, by acrid fubftances, the inflammation of the ft in by 
blifters and flnapifms, and the increafed fecretion from the nofe and falivary glands, when 
ftimulating fubftances are taken into the mouth, or applied to the noftrils, can only be ac¬ 
counted for from an increafed motion of the fmall veiTels of thofe parts. And that the cir¬ 
culation of the fluids, in the very fmall veflels, depends greatly on fome influence communi¬ 
cated to them by the nerves, appears from Dr Nuck’s having obferved the fecretion by the 
glands to be much diminifhed, or entirely ftopt, after their nerves were obüruded or com- 
prefled (a) . 
(a) Adenograph. curiof. p. 16.


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