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514 O F T H E S Y MP A T H Y 
of the intercoflals, with the other nerves of the body Nor is it 
more furprifing, that an uncommon irritation of any fenfible part 
fhould, efpecially in thofe of a delicate frame, produce convulfive 
motions of almoft the whole body, through the intervention of the 
brain, than that opium applied to the nerves of the ftomach, inte- 
ftines, or abdominal mufcles, fhould quickly deftroy the powers 
of feeling and motion throughout the whole nervous fyftem f. 
17. Nothing makes more fudden or 'more furprifing changes 
in the body, than the feveral paffions of the mind. Thefe, howe¬ 
ver, a<5l folely by the mediation of the brain, and, in a ftrong 
light, fliew its fympathy with every part of the fyflem. 
Such is the conftitution of the animal frame, that certain ideas 
or affeélions excited in the mind are always accompanied with cor- 
refponding motions or feelings in the body ; and thefe are owing 
to fome change made in the brain and nerves by the mind or fen- 
tient principle J : but what that change is, or how it produces thofe 
effedls, we know not : as little can we tell, why fhame fhould raife 
a heat and rednefs in the face, while fear is attended with a pale- 
nefs. Thefe, and many other effe<5ts of the different paffions, muff 
be referred to the original conftitution of our frame, or the laws of 
union between the foul and body* 
But although, in thefe matters, we muff confefs our ignorance, 
yet, from what we certainly know of the action of the nerves, we 
can eafily fee, that a change in them may occafion many of thofe 
effects which are produced by the paffions^ 
# Dr Hillary has remarked in the colica pifionum* that when the pain in the bowels has con¬ 
tinued long, and at laft begins to abate, a pain in the fhotftder-points, and adjoining mufcles, 
comes on, with an unufual fonfation and tingling along the fpinal marrow, that foon extends 
itfelf from thence to the nerves of the arms and legs ; which members firft become weak, and 
afterwards quite paralytic. Vid. Hillary on the Epidemical difeafes of Barbadoes, p. 184. and 
185. Does not this observation feem to Ihew, that the palfy of the extremities, occafioned by 
the colica piftonwn, is not owing to any communication between the nerves of the bowels and 



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