Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

that the force of the blood returning by the two cava to the right 
ventricle is much leffened, by its having a free paflage through the 
j or amen ovale into the left finis venofus ; while the blood by this 
means enters the left ventricle, not only with the force with which 
it returns from the lungs, but alfo with a great part of that with 
which it hows in the cavæ„ 
In fpeaking of the force with which the blood returns to the two 
ventricles of the heart, we have taken no notice of the additional im- 
petus communicated to it by the contrariions of the auricles and 
ßnus venoß, becaufe this is common to both ventricles ; although it 
muft be confeffed, that the left auricle feems to be weaker,, as well 
as lefs capacious than the right $ and perhaps it was fb formed, as? 
the blood returning with impetuofity from the lungs, after having 
been intimately mixed and elaborated there, may not require fb large, 
an auricle as, the venous blood of the cav


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