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cept in the mufcle to which it is diflributed Does it not hence 
appear highly probable, that the various fympathetic motions of 
animals produced by irritation, whether in a found or morbid Rate, 
are owing, not to any union or connection of their nerves, but to 
particular fenfations excited in certain organs, and thence commu¬ 
nicated to the brain or fpinal marrow? For, if this were not the 
cafe, why fhould not the diaphragm, for example, be convulfed, 
by irritating the nerves that go to the bladder and inteßlnum reBum,, 
as well as when thele parts themfelves are affe&ed by an unufuaF 
ßimulus ? 
If the fympathies obferved between the different parts of the bo-' 
dy be owing to particular fenfations excited in them, and thence 
communicated to the brain ; we may eafily fee why an irritation 
of the inteßinmi jejunum does not affect the diaphragm fo much as 
an irritation of the reBum ; for though the jejunum is not lefs fen- 
fible than the reBum, and the nerves of both have the fame remote 
connection with the nerves of the diaphragm ; yet the fenfations 
excited by the fame fiimuh, a&ing on the jejunum and reBum, are 
very different,. and therefore muft affect the brain or common fen- 
forium differently.. An irritation of the nerves of the face does not 
produce any fuch convulfive motion of the mufcles of refpiration, as 
happens in fneezing ; becaufe it does not occafion that kind of fen- 
fation which is excited by ßimuli applied to the nofe : And the dia¬ 
phragm, which is brought into a continued contraction, when the 
extremity of the reBum or neck' of the bladder is painfully aßeCted, 
is agitated with alternate convulfions, when the left orifice of the * 
ftomach is irritated, becaufe very different fenfations are excited by 
an irritation, of thofe parts. 
Further, when th z meatus audit or lus is irritated, by introducing 
into it a feather, or any fuch fubftance, an inclination to cough is 
often excited, efpecially if the membrane of the trachea has been 
rendered more fenfible than ufual, by catching cold ; but, when the 
meatus auditorius is violently pained, in confequence of an inflam¬ 
mation in it, no coughing is occafioned : From which it follows, 
that the fympathy between that meatus and the organs of refpira¬ 
tion in the former cafe, cannot be owing to any connection be¬ 
tween : 
f Mémoires fur la nature fenfible et irritable, tom, i. p. 237.


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