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eighth pair and intercoftals ? Why does an irritation of the nofe 
occafion fneezing only, and not coughing, vomiting, purging, or. 
the hiccup? Why does not a blifter, applied from, the ear to the. 
top of the fhoulder, bring on a convulfive motion,. or fame other 
affeflion of the diaphragm, fince the connedlion of the phrenic 
nerves with the 2d and 3d cervical pairs is much greater, and lef& 
remote than with the nerves of the nofe *? 
If the delirium which generally attends an inflammation of the:- 
diaphragm, were owing, as haç been alledged, to the remote con- 
neélion between the phrenic and fifth, pair of nerves which fends- 
filaments to the dura mater ; why fhoukb not an inflammation off 
the lungs, ftomach, and inteflines be attended with that; fymptom. 
as often, and in a greater degree, fince the fifth pair of nerves hath- 
a more immediate connection with the intercoflah than with the. 
phrenic nerves. ? Why does an irritation of the fphinclers of the. 
anus or bladder occafion a continued contraction of the diaphragms 
and abdominal mufcles, rather than, an alternate motion of thofes 
parts, as in coughing and the hiccup,, when either the trachea or: 
left orifice of the ftomach is irritated ? Since the diaphragm fympa— 
thizes with-the nofe, lungs, uterus, rectum, and bladder, why. do nob 
thefe parts fuffer equally when,that mufcle is inflamed, or other-** 
wife violently affeéled ?. If the fympathy between the nofe and dia¬ 
phragm be owing,, not to the. olfa&ory nerves, but to a, branch off 
the fifth pair, fen t to the nofe, why do not fternuta,tories* excite con¬ 
vulfive motions of the mufcles of the face,, to which the 5th pair/ 
Is diflributed, as well as fpafms of. the diaphragm, whofe, nerves - 
can hayemnly a remote connexion with the fifth pair, by means of> 
the ; 
#'The pain, between the vertebra of the neck and top of the fhoulder, which fometimes,, 
attends an inflammation of the liver or diaphragm, has been aferibed to the connection be»- 
tween the phrenic nerves and the-2d and 3d cervical pairs : Bnt, if this were the cafe, why 
ihould this-fymptom be^- fo rarely^obferved in a parapbrentih, as to be omitted by moll au¬ 
thors? and why fhould not the diaphragrm be .difturbed .in its motions,- when, the 2d and 3d 
pairs of cervical nerves are irritated by blifters, the extirpation, of tumours, or other caufes ? 
It is not eafy to fay, what may be the caufe of that pain in the necki and top of the fhoul¬ 
der *, whichoften attends a hepatitis but there feems.--to be. good reafon to doubt of its pro-* 
eeeding from any connection between the phrenic and 2d and 3d cervical nerves. Some of the 
older phyficians aferibed this fymptom to the weight of the inflamed and fwelled. liver draw¬ 
ing downwards, and ftretchl'ng the membranes that line, the thorax (a). 
(a) U. Pifo de cognofcend. et curand. morb. lib. 3; cap,. 2.5»


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