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indeed any known menßruum, except, perhaps, flrong fpirit of nitre t 
for, in the firfl experiment made by Dr Springsfeld, a calculus of two 
ounces and a half was, in this manner, quite diffolved in fix days. 
From this experiment, compared with that of Dr Springsfeld men¬ 
tioned above (BJ, it will be found, upon calculation, that the dif- 
fblving power of the Carlfbad water, when it is allowed to flow con- 
flantly from the fountain along the Hone, is nearly 39 times greater 
than when it is only poured frefh on the calculus once a-day. 
What may have been the reafon of this furprifing difference of the 
lithontriptic power of the Carlfbad water in thefe different circum- 
fiances, I will not pretend to fay. I think it can fcarcely be ac¬ 
counted for from the gentle motion of the water along the furface 
of the calculus. Was it then owing to fome very volatile adiive part, 
which the water quickly lofes, after being taken from the foun¬ 
tain ? 
But how great foever the diffolving power of the Carlfbad wa¬ 
ters may be, when they iffue from the bowels of the earth ; yet that 
they do not communicate a much greater diffolving power to the 
urine than lime-water, will appear from comparing the two fol¬ 
lowing experiments. 
In Dr Springsfeld’s exper. (A) above, the urine of a perfon who 
drank the Carlfbad waters, reduced, in 14 days, a piece of calculus, 
weighing 30 grains, to 25 grains. And in an experiment made by 
DrNewcome, now Lord Bifhopof Llandaffe, who drank four Englifh 
pints of oifter-fhell lime-water daily, his Lordfhip’s urine reduced, 
in four months, a piece of calculus, weighing 31 grains, to three fmall 
bits, weighing in all fix grains *. Whence it follows, that the dif¬ 
folving power of his Lordfhip’s urine muft have been to the diffol- 
ving power of the urine of the perfon who drank the Carlfbad wa¬ 
ters nearly as 35 to 65» But if we confider, that the calculus in- 
fufed in the urine of the perfon who drank the Carlfbad waters was 
kept always in a heat of 96 degrees, while in Dr Newcome’s experi¬ 
ment, which was made during part of the autumn and winter, no 
* EiTayonlime water, p, 455.


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