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st alone ; and that, if one of thefe remedies has failed of giving relief, 
44 the other ought to be tried : for as the above white calculus, which 
44 yielded a little to the folution of foap, refilled lime-water ; fo 
44 there may perhaps be others that are readily diflolved by lime- 
44 water, but little affeéled by foap. 
44 Dr Springsfeld’s experiments with lime-water are fomehow not 
44 juft ; for in feveral calculi I have found the diflolving power of 
44 oilter-lhell lime-water above eight times greater than he makes 
44 it.” 
Some OBSERVATIONS on the Lithontriptic Virtue of the 
Carlfbad waters, lime-water, and foap : In a letter to Dr John 
Pringle, F. R. S. from Dr Robert Whytt, F. R. S. and PrQ- 
fefior of medicine in the univerfity of Edinburgh* 
FR O M the experiments related in Dr Springsfeld's Comment atm 
de prœrogativa thermarum Carolinarum, éfc. which you were fo 
good as to fend me fome time ago, it appears, that thefe waters are 
not only pofielTed of a very extraordinary p@wer of difiblving the 
Rone, but that in this refpeél they greatly exceed lime-water.. 
(A) Thus, Dr Springsfeld having infufed, for 14 days, in a heat 
of 96 degrees of Fahrenheit's fcale, three pieces of the fame calculus, 
each weighing 30 grains, in eggfhell-iime-water, the Carlfbad wa¬ 
ter, and in the urine of one who daily drank this lall water, re¬ 
newing thefe feveral menllruums every day, he found, on the 15th 
day, that the calculus in the lime-water had loft 1 grain, the calculus 
in the Carlfbad water 6 grains, and that in urine 5 grains., 
(B) Again, having divided another calculus into four parts, 
each of wdiich was reduced to 80 grains, he put the firlt in oi¬ 
lier fhell lime-water, the fécond in Carlfbald water, and the third in 
the urine of a perfon who drank this water. After 20 days, during 
which time the menllruums were renewed every day, and kept in 
* Read, Dec. 15. 1757.


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