Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Enough, it may, perhaps, bethought more than enough, has 
been faid, to fhew, that the ftrength of lime-water is very different* 
according to the different quantities of water poured on quick-lime. 
However, I muft be allowed to fay, that this point, which has been 
difputed by my good friend, is of that confequence as to deferve 
to be fully cleared up ; fince, to fuch as drink lime-water, with a 
view to the cure of the ftone, it is of no fmall importance to know* 
how it may be prepared fo as to have the fureft and fpeedieft ef¬ 
fects. And as lime-water, injected into the bladder, will undoubt¬ 
edly diffolve a ftone lodged there y it is evident, that, after the blad¬ 
der has been accuftomed to the weaker lime-waters, or to thofe even 
foftened with a little fweet milk, the diffolution of the ftone may * 
be much haftened, by injeéting fuch as are more itrongly impreg¬ 
nated with the virtues of the lime. 
With regard to the lithontriptic powers of oifler-fhell and ft one- 
lime water, I fhall only fay, that, as in a variety of experiments made 
during the courfe of ten years, I had always obferved the fuperior 
efficacy of the oifter-lime water, I thought it to no purpofe to make 
a new trial : any one who doubts on which fide the truth is, may 
eafily fatisfy himfelf. But, in making the experiment, the calculi 
ffiould either be immerfed in a large quantity of lime-water, or elfe 
it fhould be renewed upon them every three or four days«. 


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