Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

till May 1755, at which time I was taken ill with the haemorrhoids 
to a very great degree ; and as I was finished the fymptoms of this 
diforder were greatly increafed by the foap, I was obliged to difcon- 
tinue it, and indead of drinking one pint of lime-water every day 
with the foap, I now drink, and have done ever fince May 1755, 
three pints without it, a lefs quantity not being diffident to keep 
me clear of the gravel. But by continuing this quantity of lime- 
water, even without any foap at all, I am perfectly eafy, and have 
been fq ever fince May 1755 ? anc^ indeed have I been ever fince I 
fird took the foap, having never been troubled with one fit for thefe 
four years pad, or had any fymptoms of any {tone's forming either 
in my kidneys or bladder. 
As I have, in the foregoing cafe, mentioned Mr Hay, it may not 
perhaps be unfeafonable to take notice, that this gentleman died a- 
bout a year ago, and his body, according to his own requeft, was 
opened. I was not prefent myfelf at the diffedtion, but received an 
exadt account of every particular from a gentleman of the faculty 
who was there, and attended with great accuracy to every part, ex¬ 
pecting to find very extraordinary diforders occafioned by the im- 
menfe quantity of foap taken. (I have heard Mr Hay himfelf fay 
he had taken frequently three ounces in a day). But upon exami¬ 
nation, no diforder was difcovered that could be attributed to the 
foap. There was indeed a little extravafation in the vi/cera; but 
that, I am told, is no uncommon appearance, when people die of an 
apoplexy, as Mr Hay did ; in all other refpedls he was perfedtly 
found there. In his bladder was found a done wrapt up with part 
of the coat on the left fide, which formed a fort of purfe for it, on¬ 
ly the neck of the purfe was open for the urine to pafs into it. I 
faw and examined the done myfelf ; it was exceeding hard, but 
perfectly fmooth, of the colour of a dark mohogany, and in the 
form of a convex lens, the didance between the two convexities be¬ 
ing half an inch nearly. The breadth over was fomewhat more than 
an inch and a quarter. There was not the lead appearance of any 
corrofion, but probably the foap kept it fmooth, and prevented its 
wounding the bladder, as it had before done; for from the time of 
his taking the foap, he was perfectly eafy to his dying day. 


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