Volltext: The Works of Robert Whytt

VIL The C A S E of Mr L. TREVIGAR». Written 
by himfelf, and communicated to Dr W H Y T T, by the late 
Mr Baron Edlin, November 1756. 
IN the year 1748, I was feized with a mod painful fciatica, for 
which I was ordered the warm bath, and this fo weakened my 
nerves, that I foon fell into firong hylteric fits, with rifings in the 
throat, fwellings in the abdomen, tremblings, fee. I applied to Dr 
Ruffel, who, after having tried many other remedies in vain, ad- 
vifed me at laft in the year 1750 to go to Brighthelmftone, and 
bathe in the fea and drink the water every day. This regimen I 
continued, without intermiflion, for fix weeks, and, upon my re¬ 
turn, drank the fea-water every other day. About a week after my 
return, I was feized with a violent pain in my kidneys, afterwards 
in my ureters, and at laft, with the aftiftance of foft emollient me¬ 
dicines, brought away pieces of brown gravel of the fize of a large 
corking pin’s head, of the colour and hardnefs of brown fugar- 
candy. This was the firft fit I ever had in my life; for tho’ I had, 
for many years before, voided much red gravel, yet I never felt any 
pain till this time. But from this time I was frequently in great 
pain, efpecially after a little exercife on horfeback or in a chaife, 
which conftantly ended in a fit, and in my bringing away ftnall 
ftones as before. I advifed with our Do&or and Apothecary for 
fome years, and got fome relief conftantly from their oils, emul- 
fions, &c. ; but at laft I vras fatisfied their oils, &c. only relaxed 
the parts for the ftones eafy paffage, but never prevented their con¬ 
cretion. However, I continued them till the year 1752, when the 
paroxyfms became fo frequent and fo violent, that fcarce a fortnight 
paffed without a moft fevere fit. J was then perfuaded by Mr Hay, 
(who laboured under the fame diforder, and had taken foap for 
feven years with great fuccefs, and without any the leaft inconve¬ 
nience), to make ufe of his remedy ; and accordingly in October 
1752, upon my making coffee-coloured water, and a very cruel fit 
attending it, I took half an ounce of Alicant foap twice a-day, 
drinking after each dofe half a pint of lime-water made of calcined 
oifter-fhells. This regimen I continued without any inconvenience 
# Author of a treatife on Conic fe&ions.


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