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fcorbutic corrofive humour in his bladder, as was imagined by fome, 
but to hones lodged in it. Thefe hones may poflibly have lain there 
fince 1734; for from that time to fpring 1747, his Lordfhip was 
free of any gravelifh complaints, only pafling fome red fand at 
times But at what time foever t|% may have firft arrived in the 
bladder, in 1747 and 1748, they feem to have acquired fuch a bulk, 
or were become fo rough or pointed in their furface, as to occafion 
great pain, frequent provocations to urine, and fometimes bloody 
urine ; efpecially after any considerable motion. Thefe complaints,, 
however, were foon relieved, by fwallowing daily an ounce of Ali- 
cant foap, and three Englifh pints of lime-water made with calcined 
oifter-fhells : and from 1748 to 1757 his Lordfhip was kept almoh. 
intirely free from any return of them, * except for fome months of 
1730 and 1751, during which he took only one third part of the 
quantity of foap and lime-water above mentioned. 
2. It is highly probable, nay, I think, altogether certain, that 
the foap and lime-water not only relieved Lord Walpole of the pain¬ 
ful fymptoms occasioned by the floues in his bladder, but alfo pre¬ 
vented their increafe. 
If thefe ftones came into the bladder in 1734, they mud, in fo 
many years as his Lordfhip lived after this, have acquired a very 
great bulk : nay, if we fuppofe them not to have been lodged in the 
bladder above a year before they began to occafion frequent incli¬ 
nation to make urine, with pain, and fometimes fudden floppages 
of urine; yet, from 1746 to 1757, they ought to have grown to a. 
much larger fize than that of the kernel of a Spanifii nut It is 
true, the flone may increafe fafier in fome patients, and flower in- 
others ; but ftones, after remaining a dozen or more years in the 
bladder, generally weigh feveral ounces. Some years fince I faw a 
flone, weighing near fix ounces, taken from a boy of no more than 
14 years of age* 
3. Lord- 
* The ftones found in Lord Walpole’s bladder were of this fize, and weighed one of thee* 
22 and the other 21 grains.


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