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. A further continuation of the CASE of the Right Ho¬ 
nourable Horace Lord WALPOLE, with an account 
of what was obferved after his death, upon opening his body \ 
being the copy of a letter from John Pringle* M. D. F. R. S. to 
Dr Robert Whytt profeffor of medicine in the univerfity of E 
din burgh. 
rS î R, t jLondon, *iid Feb. 1757* 
Î Imagined, that upon hearing of Lord Walpole’s death, you 
* would be defirous to know the Rate of his Lordihip’s health 
from the time he publiflied his own cafe^ whether he continued 
the ufe of his medicines to the laft ; what diftemper he died of; 
and, if his body was opened, what was the condition of his blad¬ 
der and kidneys. I informed myfelf, as well as I could, of all 
thefe particulars ; and I hope I fhall be able to give you fome fa- 
tisfa<5tory account of moll of them. 
Last year, in the month of March, about ten months before his 
Lordfhip’s death, I happened to meet him at a friend’s houfe, where 
he dined, and never faw any man of his age with a more health¬ 
ful appearance. He was then in his 78th year. He eat with an ap¬ 
petite, and of a variety of diflies ; drank fome Madeira, and was 
very chearful the wrhole time. His Lordfhip then told me, that he 
had enjoyed perfect health fince he fent his cafe to the Royal fo- 
ciety ; that he thought it probable there was ftill a flone in his 
bladder, but fo diminifhed, or fmoothed, as to give him no 
uneafmefs ; that he did not think it fafe to go about the ftreets 
of London in a coach, but that he went every where in a chair ; 
and that, in the country, he could travel 40 miles a-day in his 
poft-chaife, without fatigue, or feeling any of his old pains up¬ 
on the motion. That he continued to drink, for a conflancy, 
# Read April 21. 1757. 
£ Vid. Philofophical Tranfa&ions, vol. 50. part 1. p. 2©|*


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