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frequent, and were attended with a tenefmus and irritation at the 
end of my yard. Mr Ranby the furgeon, and Mr Graham the a- 
pothecary, having often vifited me, and having got confiant ac¬ 
counts of my diforder, and the fymptoms that accompanied' it,, 
both declared, there muft be a flone in my bladder. I was willing 
to be probed ; but, as I had no thoughts of being cut, Mr Ranby 
declined undertaking that troublefome office, being perfuaded,. 
without the trial, I had a flone in my bladder. Lord Barrington, 
hearing of my complaint, was fo good as to fend me the volume of 
Scotch Medical Effays, containing Dr Whytt’s account of the good 
effecls which taking foap and lime-water had had in cafes fimilar - 
to mine, with ingenious rededlions and directions relating to that 
cruel difeafe, and the remedy for it. I read them with great fatif- 
faflion, and would have, immediately fallen into that method ; but 
my relations, touched with the fatal efFedt which Dr Jurirfs lixi¬ 
vium had had upon the late Lord.Orford,.would not buffer me to ; 
follow my own inclinations.. 
While I had a fevere fit upon me, I was vifited : by the Earl of 
;%/Iorton, who, upon hearing what was my diforder, gave me an ac¬ 
count of the powerful benefits and entire cure which Mr Somers * had 
* Late one of the commiffioners of his-Majefty Vcuftoms in Scotland.? 
The Earl of Morton having, at this time, wrote to Mr Somers to know more particularly 
the method of cure which he ufed, received from him the following letter, which his Lordfhip , 
was pleafed to give .me,, with allowance to publifh it with Mr Walpole’s cafe.. 
My LoRDi , 
“ In obedience to your LordOiip’s commands’, which'reached me yefterday, I hâve the bo¬ 
at nour to fend- you an account of the regimen which recovered me from a.moft deplorable. 
“ illnefs that had, a dong time, baffled our ableit phyficians. 
“ I took four drams of Alicant foap, four times a-day, early in the morning, at eleven be* 
“ fore noon, at five after noon, and at going to bed. Upon a diflaide I have to pills, I diifol- 
«< ved each dofe in about half a pint of oifter (hell lime-water. To make the draught more 
“ palatable, I added a little milk. The lime-water, thus mixed, was the only liquid I .drank 
*t during my indifpofiticn ; and, as I think its power alone fufficient to prevent any new con* 
« cretion, intended to continue in that praflice. By this method, my difmal complaints, 
** irr a few weeks, vanifhed j and, in about two months, I happily voided a fmall flone, quite 
“ fmooth.


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