Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

I. The CASE of the Right Honourable HORACE WAL¬ 
POLE, Efq; 
Written by himfelf. 
BOUT eighteen years ago, when his Majefty refided at 
1 A Hampton-court, I was taken ill with what was thought to be 
a fit of the cholic only, being fubjed to that diforder when I was 
very young; and the phyficians treated me accordingly: When fome 
days after, I was got perfectly well, in making water one morn¬ 
ing, I voided a done in the pot about the bignefs of a barley¬ 
corn, which, without doubt, had occafioned, while it lay in the u- 
reter, the cholical pain I had felt. From that time, I was frequently 
troubled with fevere fits of the fame pain, which lafled until, by 
turpentine-clyflers, and other lubricating medicines, I had brought 
away a flone. Being advifed at lafi to drink a pint of whey, made 
with cream of tartir, every morning ; and having followed that 
method, frwn the beginning of May to November, at the end of 
two years, (during which time my pains frequently returned and 
ended in the fame manner), I found myfelf perfectly cured : For, 
having perfifled in drinking of whey yearly, I continued free from 
thofe pains, voiding only at times fome red gravel till 1747. in the 
fpring of that year, while I was at a friend’s houfe in town, to dine 
there, having need to make urine, I made inflead of it what ap¬ 
peared to be almoft clear blood ; and fo, from time to time, for ai- 
moft all that year, I was often called upon to make water, by very 
fhort intervals, which was more or lefs difcoloured, feldom very 
clear, and frequently attended with great pain and fome gravel. 
That whole year, until the next fpring, I took variety of things of a 
lubricating and cooling nature, which it is unnecefFary to detail, 
without any good effed. The next winter, in town, I found I grew 
daily woife, and although I did not always make bloody or coffee- 
water, yet my provocations to urine (which, after a hafly gufh of a 
fpoonful of water, faddenly flopped with exceffxve pain) were more 


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