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I have had occafion to order oifler-fhell lime-water for many other 
patients afflibted with the (lone ; but have not yet met with an in-' 
fiance, except one, where it was drank to the quantity of three Eng- 
lifli pints a-day, and any tolerable regimen obferved, without the 
patient’s finding himfelf, in a few weeks, fenhbly eafier *. When 
the hone is fmall, this will happen mod: remarkably, as was the 
cafe with Mr Millar ; bun, if it is very large, even after its furface 
is fofeened, and the rough points worn off it by the lime-water, it 
is not to be imagined, but that by its bulk it muft fometimes give 
uneafinefs, Specially in making urine: but the patient has this to 
comfort him, that while he continues his medicine, the Hone is daily 
growing lefs. And there is one fure mark by which any one taking 
lime-water, ibap, or foap-leys, for diffolving the flone, may know 
if1 his urine is fo far changed as not to be further capable, at 
leaft of furnifhing any new matter for increafing its bulk, viz. if,; 
by the ufe of thefe medicines, the fediment of his urine, from au 
brownifh colour, becomes white.. 
I fhall only make one observation upon this hiftory, which the 
mofl rigid infidels with regard to the diffolution of the flone muft 
acquiefce in ; and that is, fuppofing lime-water could not diffolve 
the flone, yet, fmee it is capable of giving fuch eafe and quiet to^ 
thofe who labour under it, whether would it not be more advife- 
able for fuch, efpecially if advanced in years, to refolve upon drink- 
ing a bottle ot this every day, during their whole life, than fub- 
mit to one of the mofl cruel, and, at the fame time, not the leaft 
dangerous operations in furgery l 
AP P E N- 
S° that it feems probable, that the ftone, if yet undiiTolved-, is at leaft confiderably diminiftied 
in its bulk, and foftened in its furface. It may be worth while to obferve, that this patient, 
nouuthifanding his drinking cockle-fhell lime-water for above two years, to the quantity of 
three En^Mh pints a-day, had neither his appetite nor digeftion anyway impaired, nor his 
health injured by it. 
* If there is, along with a ftone, any ulceration in the bladder, as fometimes happens, the 
hme water w,U often fad in relief ; and yet it feems, even in this cafe, to be the beft. 
remc > we now of, eipeciahy if it. is not only drunk in large quantities,, but alfo injeäech 
daily into the bladder.


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