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this, however, feems to be prevented by the little accefs which the 
air has to the doinach, the Ihort flay which the lime-water makes 
in it, and the mixture of the different things it meets with there. 
Further, as lime-water becomes effete, as foon as it lofes its earthy 
matter, if it were deprived of this in the flomach, it would be¬ 
come ineffectual in the cure of the done. But experience, which 
is the mo ft fatisfaCtory proof of the innocence of any medicine, 
thews us, that lime-water may be ufed daily in large quantities, 
and perfifted in for years, without injuring the health, impairing 
the appetite, or weakening the digeition ; nay, it often mends all 
thefe. This was the cafe with the late Lord Walpole of Woolter- 
ton, who, after he had ufêd lime-water and foap above three years, 
wrote me, that they were fo far from hurting him in any refpecl, 
that they had given him a better appetite, and improved his date 
of health. 
Although there are few urinary dones. fo hard as to redd oi- 
fterdheil lime-water out of the body, yet, as the virtues of this 
medicine, as well as foap, are greatly weakened, by their being 
mixed with the whole mafs of blood, before they arrive at the blad¬ 
der, it is no wonder if they make but fmall impredion on the hard¬ 
er dones, and only diffolve fuch as are of the fofter kind. How¬ 
ever, even in cafes where they are not able to accomplifh an entire 
diffolution, they generally give furpridng eafe to the patient, and 
at lead prevent the farther growth of the done. They produce the 
lad effeCt, by dedroying the petrifying quality of the urine * ; and 
the fird, by wearing off the fharp points and rougher parts of the 
furface of the done, which ufe to prick and irritate the tender 
membrane of the bladder : At the fame time, it is not improbable, 
that the fmall part of the done, which is diffolved by the medi¬ 
cines, may, partly, remain on its furface, in the form of a white 
chalky powder, as happens to gravel-dones immerfed in lime-wa¬ 
ter out of the body 
* yid, Se&. 2. No, n. above.


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