Volltext: The Works of Robert Whytt

Spirit of fea-falt is liable to the fame objections as fpirit of 
nitre ; at the fame time that it is not near fo powerful a folvent of 
the flone *. ... 
With regard to foap-leys, or the cauftic hxiviutn of No 6zj.» it 
may be obferved, that as they owe a great deal of their deftru&ive 
quality to an ingredient that has fcarce any effet in diffolving the 
flone f, they do not feem fo well calculated for this end as lime- 
water \ which, at the fame time that it is flrongly faturated with 
that principle to which the foap-leys owe their virtue, is free of the 
alcaline faits, which renders them in a great* meafure fo noxious. 
But to fet the virtue which thefe two medicines have of diffolving the 
flone flill in a clearer light, it may not be improper to compare the 
effets which foap-leys had on Dr Jurin, with what we have feen 
of lime-water in the cafe of Mr Millar. 
Dr Jurin’s flone in his bladder feems to have been but of 
two or three months Handing when he began his medicines ; 
whereas Mr Millar’s was of above fifteen months. Dr Jurin took 
foap-leys in very large dofes for near five months before he paffed 
any flones ; and, after taking them near feven months, does not 
feem to have been perfetly cured J : Mr Millar, in feven weeks 
after he began to drink lime-water, voided one flone, as in three 
months he did another, and has ever fince been perfectly well. 
Mr Millar had no pain upon ufing the lime-water ||, but in 
few days began to perceive a gradual abatement of all his com¬ 
plaints ; while Dr Jurin had his pains confiderably increafed by the 
foap-leys at firfl ; nor does he feem to have had any fenfible eafe, 
till after ufing them above four months. 
By what has been juft now faid, I would not be thought to re¬ 
ject the ufe of foap-leys altogether in the cure of the flone ; on the 
contrary, I imagine, that fmall dofes of this liquor, taken along 
with lime-water, and milk §, may contribute greatly to the diffo- 
lution of the calculus : Only I would not chufe to give it in fuch 
G g g 2 large 
* See No 76. above. f See No. 76. above. J See his cafe, p. 14. 
j| Nor is Mr Millar a (ingle inftance of this : For of all the patients for whom I have or¬ 
dered lime-water in the ftone, I do not remember that one had his pains increafed bj it, 
§ See Se&. 11. No. 1. above.


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