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water, and found about three drams of the calculi undiffolved ; the 
greatefl part being mouldered down into a white chalk-like pow¬ 
The lime-water had a yellowifh colour, and a very particular 
kind of urinous, {linking, fulphureous fmell, not eafily to be de- 
feribed in words. It had loft all talle of the lime, and, in place 
of it, had got a very difagreeable one, of the fame nature with its 
fmell. This putrid water, after being expofed to the air three 
days in an open velfel, loft entirely its difagreeable tafte and fmell, 
but retained its yellowifh colour. Whence we are led to conclude, 
that as the colour of this water proceeded from the großer oil of the 
calculus, which is not volatile, fo its fmell was owing partly to the 
more attenuated oil, and chiefly to the fait of the calculus volati¬ 
lized, and changed into a penetrating vapour by the action of the 
It is obfervable, that as fal ammon. mixed with lime-water, hin¬ 
ders it from throwing up any fcum, fo the lime-water in this ex¬ 
periment neither afforded any earthy cruft while kept in the bottle, 
nor afterwards when expofed to the open air. 
Nor does lime aft thus in volatilizing the faits of the urine and 
calculus alone ; for blood frelh drawn from a vein, being mixed 
with equal parts of lime-water, immediately acquires a kind of 
burnt urinous fmell. 
From what has been hitherto offered, it may feem to follow, 
that lime-water diffolves the ftone, chiefly by volatilizing its fait : 
But then, as fixed alcaline falt’s volatilize fal ammon. and the fait of 
urine as well as quick-lime, it might be expelled that a folution of 
potafh, or fait of tartar‘in water, fhould alfo diflolve the ftone ; 
nay, farther, as a ftrong lixivium of any of thefe faits acfts much 
more powerfully in volatilizing ammoniacal faits, than lime-wa¬ 
ter, it ought, by the preceeding experiments and reafoning, alfo 
to diflolve the ftone more quickly than this water; which however 
is by no means the cafe ; for although a ley of potafh renders the 
ftone whiter, more friable, and fomewhat rotten, yet it does not 
. diflolve it *. 
* Vide Hales’s Expeï. on Mrs Stephens’s medicines, and No. 62 above.


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