Volltext: The Works of Robert Whytt

much Mrs Stephens’s medicines mufl have fufFered in this way.' 
For, as the air, in rendering the foap effete, ads only upon its ex¬ 
ternal furface, the more the furface is increafed, the greater will the 
quantity be that is deprived of its virtue. Thus, fuppofe a cubical 
piece of foap of four inches, made into twelve or fifteen hundred 
pills, its furface, which was before only ninety-fix, will now, per¬ 
haps, be near a thoufand fquare inches; and confequently, in a 
given time, the pills mufl lofe ten times more of their virtue, than 
fuch a piece of foap, if allowed to remain whole. Soap fee ms alfo 
to be rendered a good deal the worfe when reduced to a powder ; 
whereby, not only its lithontriptic power is weakened, by its fur¬ 
face being thus increafed, and expofed to the air, but the watery 
and oily parts of the foap being moftly evaporated, leave the alcaline 
fait deprived in a great meafure of that which was intended to cor¬ 
rect it. 
75. Dr Hales having been lately informed, that oifler-fhell 
lime-water, mixed with fpir. nitri didcis, in the proportion of an 
Englifh pint of the former to half an ounce of the latter, was a 
more powerful folvent of the done out of the body than the lime- 
water alone; in order to know the truth in this matter, he added 
half an ounce of dulcified fpirit of nitre to a pint of oifter-ihell lime- 
water, made by pouring a gallon of water on a pound of calcined 
fhells, and having filled a phial of two ounces with this mixture, he 
put into it a piece of a large calculus X, weighing twelve grains. 
At the fame time he put into a like phial, filled with the lime-water 
unmixed, another piece of the fame calculus Z, weighing eleven grains. 
Both thefe phials were placed in a heap of dung, whofe warmth was 
ninety-four degrees, according to Farenheit’s thermometer. 
After forty-three hours, the furfaces of both thefe flones were 
covered with a white mucilage ; but there was much lefs of this on 
the calculus X than on Z1 the fame diiferen.ee was observed after 
fixty-three hours; but after this it became lefs fenfible. In a few 
nays after the phials were taken out of tue dung, the lime-water un¬ 
mixed loft its diffolving power entirely; but that to which the dul- 
D d d 2 cified


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