Volltext: The Works of Robert Whytt

(j.) This calcarious matter being mixed with vinegar, a flrong 
ebullition enfues, which lads for a confiderable time. 
(2.) I put a fmall quantity of this powder of lime-water in a 
filver-fpoon, and kept it over a pretty brifk fire for fifteen mi¬ 
nutes ; but after it was taken from the fire, and cooled, it railed 
the fame effervefcence with vinegar as before. 
(3.) I poured boiling water once and again upon fome of this 
calcarious matter, to fee if, by repeated affiliions of the water, it 
would lofe any thing ; but, after the water was drained off, and: 
the powder moderately dried, it effervefced with vinegar equally 
as before. 
Hence the ebullition which the calcarious. matter of lime-water 
makes with acids, feems neither to be owing to a volatile nor fixed 
alcaline fait ; for a volatile fait would have been expelled by the 
fire, and either a fixed ox volatile one diffolved by repeated affuftons. 
of boiling water. 
(4.) Powdered chalk makes a confiderable and lading ebullir 
tion with vinegar, in the fame manner as the fcum of lime-water* 
and continues to do fo after repeated affiliions of boiling water* 
or being expofed to the heat of a brifk fire. 
Hence the calcarious matter afforded by lime-water feems to be 
a true alcali terreux, like chalk, and its effervefcence with acids to 
be owing to this alone. 
When lime-water is mixed with vinegar in the proportion of ten 
to one, it does not throw up any cruft or fcum, becaufe the calca¬ 
rious matter which it contains is diffolved by the vinegar. 
59. It has generally been thought, that no fait could be got from 
lime-water: nor could I by evaporating it ever procure any; the 
fcum left behind having rather the appearance of a fine lime, or 
abforbent earth. If it be faid, the fait in lime-water is of the vo¬ 
latile kind, and therefore not to be got by evaporation, it may be 
fufticient to anfwer, that then this volatile fait, which fhould in 
fome degree affe& our fmell, ought to be procured by diftilling 
lime-water in clofe veffels : But it is fo far from being true that 
there is any volatile fait in lime-water,, that the vapour which rifes 


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