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fame texture, and the two together, excepting a fmall deficiency at 
one end, feem to make up a compleat hone. Whether what is 
wanting has paffed in fragments unobferved, or has come awajr 
quite diffolved in flakes and white fediment, is not fo certain. Far¬ 
ther, as Mr Millar has had no flones palling from his kidneys to 
his bladder Alice June r 740 ; if we deny thefe flones to have been 
one, we mu ft fhppofe them lodged eighteen months in the bladder,, 
without either acquiring a greater bulk, or ever endeavouring ta 
pafs ; none of which fuppofltions are at all likely* 
2. Ike furfaces of the flones fhew them to have been in a dif- 
folving flats. There are fibres like roots which run along them, 
in home places plainly broken off, and the hollow furrows they had 
made Aid remaining. And as the lime-vrater and foap had longer 
time to a61 upon the fécond ftone, fo we find füll more evident: 
flgns of diflolution about it. It has in mofl places a very rotten 
appearance, and in fome is eaten fo deep, that one can feç feveral 
of its concentric layers. Further, as Dr Hales has obferved, 
(which will more fully appear in the following experiments)*, that: 
the calculus generally turns white in diffolving, the whitifli colour 
of thefe flones makes it probable they were in a diffolving ftate. 
3. It does not appear that the foap alone had any great influ¬ 
ence in this cafe: for although from the end of July, till about the 
8th of September, he took an ounce every day, and after that near' 
an ounce and an half; yet he found no fenfible relief; which pro- ' 
bably might be owing to his not taking it in fo large quantities as, 
fome others have done 
4. It wound feem that lime-water has a very uncommon efficacy' 
in eafing the fymptoms, and probably diffolving the done in the 
bladder : For in five days after Mr Millar began to drink it, he was 
able to retain his urine better than he had done for eight or nine 
months before, and found the ftimulating pains in making it lefs 
and the quantity of blood in it fenfibly to diminifli ; fo that upon 
the 13th of November, although he walked fix miles pretty quick- 
* The mean quantity ordered by Mrs Stephens is two ounces and a half..


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