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Ramfay cat the ribs on each fide of the ßernuni, which he laid 
back in the ufiial way. The heart, which was thus brought in 
view, appeared quite turgid, and continued in motion about five 
minutes ; during which time it performed only between 60 and 65 
weak vibrations, for they were not compleat contrariions. While 
the heart was thus moving, warm falvua was firft applied to it, 
then cold water, and laß: of all oil of vitriol ; which fhrivelled the 
parts it touched almoft in the fame manner as a hot iron would 
have done; but none of them accelerated the heart’s vibrations, 
which became gradually flower, till they ceafed altogether. 
The fibres of fome of the intercoftal mufcles on the right fide 
of the fiernum continued to be agitated with a weak tremulous mo¬ 
tion near half an hour after the injefiion was made into the abdo¬ 
men ; but the intercoflial mufcles attached to the ribs on the fides 
of the thorax were not obferved to move, nor did the diaphragm 
make any motion when its fibres were pricked or cut. 
Nothing remarkable was feen in the abdomen; only,, altho’ it: 
was opened ten minutes after making the injection, the inteftines 
had no motion ; whereas, in another young dog, which had got no* 
opium, Mr Ramfay obferved the periftaltic motion continue halT 
an hour after laying open the thorax. 
The dog loft little or no blood in making the wound into his* 
abdomen, nor were any of his bowels hurt by it. 
23. A fmall dog into whofe ftomach the late celebrated Dr Mead 
had forced, at four different times, a folution of two drams of 
opium in water, lived above an hour and three quarters after get¬ 
ting the firft dofe. Fid, treatife on poifons, Effay IV. 
24. It may not be improper to add here an experiment related 
by Dr Alfton in his learned differtation on opium *. Into the crural: 
vein of an old dog forty-two pounds weight, he caufed be inje&ed 
at three different times, half an ounce of opium diffolved in four 
ounces of water, filtrated, and of the fame warmth with the blood 
of the animai. The firft time, about fifteen drams were thrown 
in, and very flowly. It had no obfervable effetf:. About an hour’ 
* Edinburgh Med. e flays, vc!. 5. p. 1. art is,


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