Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Twenty-five minutes pail eleven, the heart beat 15 times in a mi¬ 
nute ; and at twelve o’clock it performed between 13 and 14 vibra¬ 
tions in the fame time. At two o’clock, (viz. two hours and for¬ 
ty-two minutes after the frog was taken out of the folution), the 
auricle, which was now filled with air, continued to vibrate weak¬ 
ly about 11 times in the minute ; but the heart itfelf was without 
motion. At ten minutes before four in the afternoon, the auricle 
fiill continued to move, but more feebly than the auricle of N° 5. 
10. I laid open the whole abdomen of a larger frog than any of 
the former ; and, at twenty-two minutes pad ten in the morning, 
immerfed it in a folution of opium, as above. Thirty-five minutes 
after immerfion, I took it out of the folution, and opened its tho¬ 
rax and pericardium. The heart was vaflly red and much fwelled, 
and its auricle greatly diflended with blood ; but both were with¬ 
out any motion : after two minutes, however, the heart began to 
vibrate at great leifure, fcarcely performing nine puifatioiis in a 
minute ; but the overflretched auricle made not the fmallefl mo¬ 
tion. During every fyfiole, the heart vras remarkably paler, and 
in the time of its relaxation became much redder ; which appear¬ 
ance I obferved likeways in all the frogs hearts in the above expe¬ 
riments, but more remarkably in thofe frogs who had been expo- 
fed to the action of opium* Another thing, which I remarked in 
all tliefe experiments, was, that the heart, during its fyfiole, be¬ 
came manifeilly fhorter, and was lengthened in the time of its re¬ 
laxation. But to return ; at fix minutes pail twelve, (z. e. an hour 
and nine minutes after the frog was taken out of the folution), its 
heart made only 6 pulfations in the minute ; and at eleven minutes 
pad twelve, obferving it without motion, I pricked it with a pin, 
and breathed upon it, in order to renew its pulfation y but to no 
11. Twenty eight minutes pad feven in the evening, I laid o- 
pen the ■whole abdomen and thorax of a frog, and immediately after 
immerfed it in a folution of opium as above. Thirty-eight minutes 
pad feven, when I pricked its legs with the point of a penknife, it 
made very little motion, Two minutes after this, I turned it to its 


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