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lay cut the ribs on each, fide of the ßernum, which he laid back in 
the ufual way. The heart, which was thus brought into view* 
appeared turgid, and continued in motion about five minutes : du¬ 
ring which time, it performed only between 60 and 65 weak vibrafe 
cions ; for they were not full contractions» While the heart was 
thus moving, fome warm faliva was firft applied to it, then cold 
% water, and, laft of all, oil of vitriol, which fhri veiled the parts it 
touched almoft in the fame manner as a hot iron would have donei 
but none of them accelerated the vibrations of the heart, which be¬ 
came gradually flower, till they imirely coaled. 
Agreeably to this experiment, we are informed by Dr Alfton, 
In his learned difiertation on opium, that a filtrated folution of this 
medicine in water having been injecled into the veins of a dog, his 
.pulfe, which, when he was firil felzed with convulfions, was render¬ 
ed quick and fmall, became afterwards full and flow And Dr 
Kaau Boerhaave obférves, that in s. irTXfi I 1 dog, which he opened 
ten hours after he had fwallowed three grains of opium, the motion 
of the heart and arteries was very flow j\ 
Trom thefe experiments it appears, that as opium deftroys the fen- 
Ability of all the parts of the body, fo it deprives the mufcles of 
their power of motion ; nor is the heart in this refpedt pofiefied of 
any privilege above the other mufcles, except that its moving power 
is not fo foon deftroyed by opium as theirs. 
How M. de Haller was deceived in this matter, I cannot con¬ 
jecture ; fince he has not told us in what manner his experiments 
were made: but, it is not to be doubted, that from his candor and 
love of truth he will readily acknowledge his miflake, as toon as 
he fliall difcover it. 
IV. When a viper is pricked with the point of a knife three 
days after being deprived of its head, heart, and other vijcera, it 
moves, not only thole mufcles whofe fibres are touched, but alio 
the other mufcles of its body which have no connection with thofe 
that are ftimulated* This indicates either a fympathy between thofe 
* Vid, Medical Effays, vol. 5 p. 1, art. 12. 5 
t Cor lentiffime movebatur. Motas in arteriis (fciî. duræ et piæ matris) debilis et ?ald© 
lentüs. Vid. Impet, faciens Hippocrati diäura. No. 434. et 436.


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