Volltext: The Works of Robert Whytt

H■ rant, ab acus, Ayli, aut digit! contaélu, immo vero a calore ant 
M frigore vehementiore admoto, ant cujuilibet rei moleftantis oc~ 
curfu, punclum hoc varia fenfus indicia, pulfuuin nempe varias 
“ permutationes, idufque validiores ac frequentiores, edidiiTe ; ut 
non dubitandum fit, quin punclum hoc (animalis inftar) vivats 
moveatur, ac fentiat.” De general, animal, exercit. 17, 
Op i um, which is remarkable for its power of impairing or de* 
flroying the fenfibility of all the parts of the body, alfo lelTens or 
fufpends the irritability or moving power of the mufcles. Thus, 
in a final! dofe, it puts a flop to vomiting and coughing ; and 
quiets the convulfive motions of the inteßinum reBum> bladder, ab¬ 
dominal mufcles, and diaphragm, in a tenefmus and itrangury, al» 
though thzßimuli which produced thefe motions continue to a61 
on the parts : when given in much larger quantity, it fufpends 
the periftaltic motion of the inteflines, and makes the heart con» 
tract more flowly, till being by degrees rendered quite infenfible* 
its motion whole!y ceafes* 
But, as my learned antagonifc, who allows that opium defrays 
the irritability of the flomach, inteflines, and other mufcles, denies 
it to have any power over the heart, * and feems to call in que» 
ilion thofe experiments of mine which fhew that opium, injedled 
into the flomach and inteflines of frogs, renders the motion of the 
heart much flower than ttfual, and at laft puts a final flop to it f ; 
I thought it neceflary to endeavour to clear up this matter by fome 
farther experiments, which I {hall here briefly relate, 
(«) June 5. 1755, at 18 minutes pad four in the afternoon, I in* 
a turbid folution of half an ounce of opium in eight ounces 
of water, into the flomach and inteflines of a frog ; and, as it 
fquirted out mod of the folution injebled by the anus, I threw in iome 
more in its room. At 24 minutes pad five the fame evening, I 
opened this frog, and obferved the heart beating very flowly, not 
above feven times in a minute ; when it was touched with the point 
of a pair of fciflars, it renewed its motion fader for two or three 
P p 2 pulfationsj 
* A£t Gotting, vol. 2 p. 147. 154. and 157, 
t May on vital motions, p. 197, &c.


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