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the feparated parts of animals, does not infer its real divisibility*; 
nor is it neceffary to repeat the fame things again : but I cannot 
help obferving, that, when M. de Haller repreients me as holding 
the foul to be divifible, fo as that it may be cut into as many pieces 
as the anatomift pleafes f, he inadvertently charges me with an 
opinion which I not only do not maintain, but which I have 
brought arguments to difprove. I fhall only add, that the indivi- 
fihiiity of the foul does not depend on the unity of the body, but 
on its own particular nature. 
It mud be acknowledged, that there is a great deal of obfcurity 
in thefe matters : but as in every part of nature wèffind abundance 
of myileries, as often as we carry our inquiries to any great length;, 
it can be no wonder if we meet with difficulties, almoft infurmount- 
able, in accounting for the motions of animals, or tracing them 
up to their fource : for, if we are far from underftanding the com¬ 
munication of motion and other adions of matter upon matter,, 
how fhall we be able to comprehend the manner in which an im¬ 
material principle ads upon it ? But, as we can, from the little we 
know of matter, fee that inadivity is one of its effentiai pro¬ 
perties, wre are hence convinced of the neceffity of afcribing the 
life and motions of animals to the power of an incorporeal agent»« 
S E C T. III. 
TP HE learned M. de Haller, after endeavouring to prove that 
irritability is independent on fenfihility, gives it as his opi¬ 
nion, that this remarkable property of the mufcles has its feat 
in the glutinous matter conneding the earthy elements of which 
their fibres are compofed %} and that irritability ought to be eonfi- 
dered as a peculiar property of this glutinous fubflance, in like man¬ 
ner as gravity is allowed to be a. property of matter in general, al- 
tho’ its caufe cannot be affigned |j. 
* Effay on vital motions, &c. p. 183. 


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