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are thrown out by the exhaling arteries, along with the finer parts 
of the blood, into any cavity of the body) fhould again unite by 
their ftrong mutual attra&ion, fo as to form globules of larger dia¬ 
meters than thofe of the abforbent veins, it is evident, that they 
could never be taken up by thefe veflels, but mu ft remain for ever 
in fuch a cavity. 
To conclude our obfervations on the abforbent veflels ; it may 
not be amifs to take notice, that upon the internal furfaces of the 
follicles and fecretory and excretory dudls of the glands, there are 
bibulous veins, whofe office is to carry off thofe fluids which would 
be improper to enter into the feveral fecretions. And, if we fup- 
pofe thefe abforbent veflels, like other capillary tubes, to attradl, 
according to their different natures, different fluids more or lefs 
ftrongly, we {hall fee one great caufe of the various fecretions per¬ 
formed in the bodies of animals. 
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