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fkin and lungs. Nor does it feem to be an objection to this do&rine, 
that air has been found in the cavities of the heart ; fince, in a mor¬ 
bid hate, this air might have been feparated from the blood *. 
It is obfervable, that air injedled into the veins of an animal, oc- 
calions obftnuflions, concretions in the blood, and fudden death ; 
which effects, however, may be accounted for, from the power 
which air has of coagulating blood, and of {lopping the motion of 
water, even in large pipes, efpecially in their flexures f. 
But to return; as the effluvia of different fub{lances floating in 
the air, are, by means of the cutaneous abforbents, conveyed into 
the blood, fo likewife are the finer parts of planters, cataplafms, 
fomentations, and other applications : which ought therefore to be 
confidered, not only as having a local influence, but alfo a general 
one upon the whole body by their fubtile parts, which are mixed 
with the blood and other fluids. 
To fome it may be a difficulty, that quick-filver applied in the 
form of an ointment, fhould be fo readily taken up by the abforbent 
veffels of the fkin ; fince it paffes through the inteflines without 
getting into the laéleals. But this happens from the particles of 
the mercury being minutely divided, and fo united with thofe of 
the greafe as to enter the pores of the fkin along with them: for, 
though quick-filver is repelled by capillary glafs tubes, yet, if their 
internal furface is befmeared with melted greafe, it will be attra&ed 
by them f. 
WE are informed, that, upon opening the bodies of fuch as had 
taken mercury in large quantities, this fluid has been fometimcs 
found in the cells of the bones and elfewhere § ; the reafon of 
which may be eafily explained from what has been faid ; for, if the 
very fubtile and minutely divided particles of mercury (after they 
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Mémoires de l’Academ. des fciences, an. 1724.; and Mufchenbroeck de tub. capilL 
cap. 4» exp. 12. cor. 2. and cap. 7. 
§ Wepfer de apoplex, p. 277.; and Mead on poifons, edit. 2.


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