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pointing out the mod proper method of curing them. But, as this 
Effay has fwelled to a much greater bulk than I at firfl expected, I 
fliall now, omitting that part of my defign, conclude with a reflec¬ 
tion of a different nature. 
Fr om what has been offered, then, in the preceding pages, it may 
appear, how unjuftly the itudy of phyfic has been accufed of leading 
men into fcepticifm and irréligion. A little philofophy may difpofe 
fome men to Atheifm ; but a more extenfive knowledge of nature, 
will furely have the contrary effect. If the human frame is con- 
fidered as a mere corporeal fyflem, which derives all its power and 
energy from matter and motion , it may, perhaps, be concluded, 
that the immenfe univerfe itfelf is de^itute of any higher principle: 
but if, as we have endeavoured to fhew, the motions and aétions of 
our fmall and inconfiderable bodies, are all to be referred to the a- 
gency of an immaterial principle ; how much more neceffary mu il 
it be to acknowledge, as the author, fuftainer, and fovereign ruler 
of the univerfal fyflem, an incorporeal Nature every where and al¬ 
ways prefent, of infinite power, wifdom, and goodnefs, who con¬ 
ducts the motions of the whole by the molt confummate and uner¬ 
ring reafon, without being prompted to it by any other impulfe, 
than the original and eternal benevolence of his nature! 
Nam quis non videt, finitæ fi breve corpus 
Subjicitur menti, mens quanta fit ilia fupremo 
Quæ regit arbitrio vaflum quern condidit orbem ? 
Non poterit fine confilio tarn parva moveri 
Machina, tarn fragilis; te judice, tanta regetur 
Mentis inops ! Credant Epicuri de grege porci *. 
The true phyfiology, therefore, of the human body, not only 
ferves to confute thofe philofophers who, rejecting the exiftence of 
immaterial beings, afcribe all the phenomena and operations in na¬ 
ture to the powers of matter and motion \ but, at laft, like all other 
found philofophy, leads us up to the firft caufe and Supreme Author 
of all, who is ever to be adored with the mofl profound reverence 
by the rational part of his creation. 
* PolIgnac.Anti-Lucret, lib, 5. lin 1376. ùc.


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