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20. Th e motion of the heart was renewed, in the fame manner* 
by Brunnerus, in a dog which had been a good while dead *. 
21. Even in man, the heart retains a power of motion for fome 
little time after its feparation from the body ; as appears from the 
well known account which Lord Bacon gives of the heart of a male- 
fador, which having been cut out of his body, and thrown into 
the lire, leapt up feveral times to a confiderable height j\ 
22. It is oblervable, that, after the convulsions which animals 
fuffer at the time of death have ceafed, their mufcles remain at reft, 
unlefs they are ftretched, cut, expofed to the air, or otherwife ftl- 
From the above experiments it appears, 
* That the feparated hearts of fome animals vibrate more 
ftrongly, and for a much longer time, than thofe of others. N° 9. 
11. 13. 
ß That animals of the amphibious kind, which have either no 
lungs or imperfed^ ones, which bear the air-pump long, and whole 
blood is cold, as well as languid in its motion, Ihew ligns of life, 
not only in their hearts, but alfo in their other members, longer af¬ 
ter they are feparated from their bodies, than animals which have 
more perfed lungs, hotter blood, and a quicker pulfe. N° 1.2. 
I Zj-# 
Those animals whofe parts preferve motion and appearances of 
life longeft after being feparated from their bodies, feem to have 
both their fluids and folids fome what different from thofe of other 
animals : their blood is not only colder, but perhaps more vifcid and 
lefs volatile ; and their fibres are fo conftituted, that confiant fup- 
plies of this fluid from the heart are not neceflary to keep them in 
due order for motion ; while their nerves, after their communication 
with the brain has been cut off, preferve their powers much longer 
than in man and the more perfect animals: thus frogs, eels, vipers, 
# Experiment, circa pancreas, p. 21. 
f Hiftory of life and death, fe&. ix. No. 31.


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