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the pulfe does not depend, folely, upon the quantity of blood thrown 
out by the left ventricle of the heart, but alfo upon the more or lefs 
difficult paffage of this fluid through the extreme arteries ; fince9 
in proportion as thefe are obflruéled or open, a greater or lefs refin¬ 
ance will be oppofed to the blood projected by the heart* ' 
After what has been faid of the flownefs of the motion of the 
heart in fleep, it will be eafy to fliew why refpiration ffiould be per¬ 
formed then at greater intervals. 
The caufe exciting the alternate contraction of the infpiratory 
mufcles, is an uneafy fenfation in the lungs, occafioned by the blood 
puffied into their veflels by the right ventricle of the heart *. If 
then lefs blood is fent, in a given time, into the lungs in fleep, than 
when we are awake, the neceflity of new fupplies of freffi air will 
be leflened, and confequently infpiration will be performed at great¬ 
er intervals. 
Further, as in time of fleep the fenfibility of the lungs, like 
that of the heart and inteflines, mult be fomewhat impaired, refpi¬ 
ration mult alfo, on this account, be performed more flowly; for 
the infpiratory mufcles will not be excited into acflion till a greater 
degree of irritation than ufual be occafioned by the blood accumu¬ 
lated in the pulmonary veflels. And to this it is owing, that re¬ 
fpiration is not only flower but fomewhat deeper in time of fleepy 
than in a waking perfon at reftin a horizontal pofition. 
In comatous and appopledlic cafes, where all the feelings of the 
body are much more impaired than in ordinary fleep, refpiration is 
not only much flower and deeper than ufual, but, fometimes, after 
expiration is finiffied, a paufe of 15, 20, 30, or more féconds will 
intervene before a new infpiration is begun. Much the fame 
thing happens to animals who have fwallowed too great a quantity 
of opium f. 
Now, if it be reafönable to afcribe the flow, deep, and interrupted 
breathing, in fuch cafes, to the infenfibility which attends thofe dif- 
eafes of the head, and whith opium never fails to produce, when 
# See fed. viii. above. f See above pag. 104,


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