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the motions of the body from tickling, or the apprehenfion of it, 
undoubtedly flow from the mind, notwithftanding their being in¬ 
voluntary. The fhutting of the eye-lids, when a blow is aimed at 
the eye, is another inflance of a motion performed by the mind in 
fpite of the will ; for as the threatened blow does not, by any cor¬ 
poreal contact, affed the orbicular mufcle of the palpebrœ, its con- 
tradion mufl therefore be deduced from the mind’s being moved 
to perform this addon from the apprehenfion of fomething being 
ready to hurt the eye : and if there are fome who, by an effort of 
the will, can refrain this motion of their eye-lids, yet this does not 
proceed fo much from the mind’s making no attempt, in coniè- 
quence of the apprehended danger, to clofe the palpebrœ, as from the 
fuperior eye-lid’s being kept up by a flrong voluntary contradion 
of its levator mufcle. We cannot, by an effort of the will, either 
command or reflrain the eredion of the penis ; and yet it mufl be 
owing to the mind ; for hidden fear, or any thing which fixes our 
attention flrongly and all at once, makes it quickly ceafe. The titil¬ 
lation, therefore, of the vejculæ feminales by the Jemen, lafcivious 
thoughts, and other caufes, only produce the eredion, as they ne- 
ceffarily excite the mind to determine the blood in greater quantity 
into the cells of the penis *. A fhocking fight, or a difagreeabie 
found, will often, in an inftant, excite a tremor or fhivering over the 
whole body ; which cannot be owing merely to the mechanical ac¬ 
tion of light upon the eye, or of found upon the ear ; fince, when 
the external organs are unaffeded by fuch things, their idea, recalled 
by the mind, can of itfelf produce a fimilar effed: this motion, 
therefore, though it be involuntary, and can neither be performed 
nor flopt at pleafure, mufl be owing to the mind or fentient prin¬ 
If, therefore, we have found various involuntary motions arifing 
from the mind, it can be no proof againfl the vital motions flowing 
from the agency of the fame principle, that they are involuntary : 
and if the motions of the voluntary mufcles themfelves become in¬ 
voluntary, as often as they are excited into adion by jiimuli applied 
f Vid. Se&. vi. No, 4. above.


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