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thefe mufcles are relaxed; and confequently, by the re-adtion of the 
cartilages of the ribs, and the flretched abdominal mufcles, &c. the 
cavity of the thorax is leflened, i. e. expiration is performed; which, 
on account of the difagreeable fenfation which begins to be felt in 
the lungs, is foon fucceeded by a new infpiration. 
Although, in ordinary breathing, we are but little jfenfible 
of this uneafinefs, arifing from the difficult paffiage of the blood thro* 
the lungs after expiration is finiffied ; yet if one attends to it, and 
retrains infpiration for fome time, it becomes very perceptible: and 
as in aflhmatic patients, the laborious contrariions of the infpira- 
tory mufcles are, doubtlefs, owing to an anxiety and fenfe of fuf- 
Location in the bread ; fo it is reafonable to think, that in healthful 
people, the gentle ßimulus of the warm blood accumulated in the 
pulmonary veffels, is the caufe of ordinary infpiration. 
Further, a variety of appearances concur to perfuade us, that 
the blood adling as a ßimulus on the veffels of the lungs, after expi¬ 
ration, is the caufe of the.fucceeding contraction of the diaphragm 
and intercoftal mufcles. Thus we obferve, that as the blood flows 
m greater or lefs quantity through the lungs, infpiration and expi¬ 
ration more quickly or flowly fucceed each other. Hence in a high 
fever, the breathing is much quicker than in health *, when one 
lies a-bed ; and every one knows how both the pulfe and refpira- 
tion are accelerated by violent exercife. Though the quantity of 
blood flowing through the lungs remains the fame, yet if its heat 
and bulk be increafed, refpiration becomes more frequent : hence in 
bagnios, and in the heat of fummer, we breathe oftener than in 
our common rooms, and in more temperate feafons. Again, when 
any obflrudlion happens in the pulmonary veffels, which renders 
the paffage of the blood thro’ them more difficult than in health, 
refpiration is more laborious and more frequently repeated : hence 
* In fevers, we fometîmes meet with a very quick pulfe, while yet the breathing feems to be 
fcarcely quicker than in health ; but in fuch cafes, the pulfe is fmall and quick, and confë- 
quently the quantity of the blood palling through the lungs may be little more than in 
health : when, although the motion of the heart be {lower, yet it throws out more blood at 


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