Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

The Art of Projecting. A Manual of Experimentation in Physics, Chemistry, and Natural History with the Porte Lumière and Magic Lantern
Dolbear, A. E.
he is likely to have at hand. The beam of light from 
the porte lumière is directed upon the object 0, which 
should be a.small one : a doll dressed in white, or even 
the outline of one cut in white paper. The light from 
it will of course be scattered from it in all directions. 
A pane of white glass r will receive some of these rays, 
and reflect them toward s, where they will appear to 
come from o'. If the object o is a puppet or a moving 
figure of any sort, it can be made quite a good phan¬ 
tom, though diminutive. The glass r can be moved so 
as to give every one in the room a view of the phenom¬ 
enon, while the hand put up to o' will reveal the shad¬ 
owy nature of what is seen. 
Of course all extraneous light should be shut out by 
having the window curtains tightly drawn, and also 
with black cloth about the apparatus to absorb all the 
scattered rays, especially about o and 0'. 
Obviously, a lantern at / could take the place of the 
sunbeam, but the light needs always to be a very strong 
one, for but a fraction of the light is reflected from the 
object, and this is again largely reduced by transmis¬ 
sion through the glass ; nevertheless, as the light is 
used at the distance of but a foot or two from the ob- 
ject, it can be lighted sufficiently well for a small room 
in the night with an oil lantern like Marcy’s Sciopticon.


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