Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

The Art of Projecting. A Manual of Experimentation in Physics, Chemistry, and Natural History with the Porte Lumière and Magic Lantern
Dolbear, A. E.
inches in diameter, with a focus of from eighteen to 
twenty-four inches, will be found best for the purpose. 
This may be held in the re¬ 
tort-holder before mentioned* 
and set at such a distance in 
front of the hole that an ob¬ 
ject cy when strongly lighted* 
will be plainly projected upon 
the screen s. The whole of 
the back on the in side should 
be covered with white paper. 
Let a black cloth flap hang 
over the hole at r, so that no 
light will enter the room, save 
what is reflected from the il¬ 
luminated object. 
With these conditions a 
dark photograph of an in¬ 
dividual, upon a white background, will show quite 
well. Objects held in the hand, such as a watch with 
its movements, cameo pins, small flowers, surface of 
half an apple or orange. The latter, if squeezed when 
being shown, presents a very amusing appearance. 
Minerals, crystals, shells, bright-colored beetles, bugs,, 
butterflies, etc., may all be exhibited, and appear, with 
the shades and shadows, like real objects. This con¬ 
stitutes the megascope. 
The accompanying cut ( Fig. 24 ) represents the 
scenic effect of the human hand, as projected by the 
megascope. t 
It is often very desirable to project such phenomena 
as the ripples upon the surface of water, the move- 
Fia. 23.


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