Volltext: The Book of the Lantern. Being a Practical Guide to the Working of the Optical (or Magic) Lantern. With Full and Precise Directions for Making and Coloring Lantern Pictures.

frames together are of wrought iron and of very solid 
construction ; for they have to bear some amount of strain. 
It will be noticed that the sail-cloth is made in two pieces, 
with eyelet holes along the edges where they meet, so that 
by means of strong cord they can be laced up and rendered 
as tight as a drumhead. 
Between the two frames there is secured a sheet of sail¬ 
cloth, which is nailed down to the lower board at the 
hinged end. In the centre of its other extremity is sewn 
a flattened ring of galvanised iron. Where the sail-cloth 
is nailed to the woodwork zinc roofing nails should be 
used, for they will never rust. To the end of the 
lower frame which is farthest away from the hinges 
is nailed a strong leather strap, about six feet long, and 
when the bags are in position this strap is passed through 
the flattened ring on the midway sheet of sail-cloth, and 
then through a corresponding opening on the upper frame, 
where it is secured with a buckle. By means of this strap 
the two bags are kept in place, while the sail-cloth sheet 
between them also helps to prevent them slipping back¬ 
It is customary to place the hydrogen bag below and the 
oxygen one above, but I am not aware that there is any 
advantage in so doing. Certainly I have met with operators 
who prefer to reverse their positions, and seemingly without 
any disadvantage. 
The taps on the bags should have a large bore, and the 
tubes which serve to connect them with the lantern should 
also be of good size. The amount of weight on the 
bags is governed to some extent by the size of disc re-


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